Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is

To sum up Creatives Scale we are the marketplace for freelance, gig-economy marketing specialists, and freelance content writers.

We’re not trying to be everything to everyone, more like everything to marketing specialists in a world that is more and more focused on the gig-economy style, work-from-home structure. We welcome content writers, online marketing specialists, and graphic designers on behalf of our numerous business partners in need of great, high-quality content.

This is a marketing SaaS platform that serves as a project database with a surplus of work for talented creatives.

Creatives Scale is a highly-vetted outsourcing solution for agencies to find the best SEO-oriented content writers at a fair rate.

2. How does it work?

We’re looking for professional content writers, online marketing specialists, and graphic designers with high standards. Working knowledge of SEO is a must! We make it easy to apply, but we are picky.

The application process is simple: 

  1. Register and complete our Terms of Service
  2. Take a Skills Assessment Test and Submit Samples
  3. Start Earning Money!

To sign up, visit our details here: Freelance Signup.

3. What does it look like?

A sleek dashboard where you can assign yourself available projects, submit and receive edits from clients and internal QA specialists, get reminders, tips & best practices, and get paid. The latest in-app screenshots and demos can be viewed on our Features page here.

4. What kind of projects are available?

Here are some examples of the projects you could assign yourself.  The choice is yours, do what you love!

  • Content Calendars
  • Keyword Research
  • Site Audits
  • Blog Writing
  • Article Writing
  • Guest Posting
  • Featured Image Creation
  • Web Copy
  • eCommerce Product Descriptions
  • and more!

We will be adding more roles and opportunities as quickly as possible!

5. Is membership limited?

Yes and no. This isn’t your average freelancer hub. When you apply, we require you to pass a series of tests to weed out anyone lacking our standard of professional, high-quality content. To pay our content writers and copywriters, marketing specialists, and graphic designers the best rates, we have to also deliver the best work. By providing our clients with the best content, everyone thrives! 

6. What are the requirements?

Before applying and subjecting yourself to our testing process (don’t worry, it’s worth it!) we advise that you at least have a few core competencies. For example, you should be a native English speaker or fluent with superb grammar and spelling skills. Regardless of your role, working knowledge of SEO best practices is a must.

It would also be advantageous to have a good internet connection, you’ll need it to utilize the platform and submit work.

7. What is the average word count for CreativesScale projects?

This varies widely. It depends if you’re working on web content or blog articles. So, somewhere between 300 and 1200 words. Most articles will be in the 400 to 700-word range, and most web copy will be in the 300 to 500-word range.

8. How much time do I have to submit a project?

At this time, all projects regardless of length are given a limited amount of time to complete the project. This ensures that projects are delivered on time to clients with ample time for necessary feedback and publication.  As you begin each project, a count down will begin. This will remind you of how much time you have left to complete the project.  We believe the system works best when you assign yourself projects you’re ready to work on in that given 24 hour period of time.  Log in when you are ready to work and work to your heart’s content. 

9. When can I write?

You are in control of your schedule. Whether you’re the early bird or late-night vampire type, work when you prefer to work. Some people set aside a set schedule while others log in sporadically. At the end of the day, we want you to do you!

10. How many revisions are clients allowed?

We require revisions and edits to be completed in one round. After submitting your project, you may receive some edits or feedback from our internal QA team or from the client themselves. Complete these revisions, re-submit and you’re done. However, you will not be able to submit your initial draft until you have met all requirements of that draft.  Consider yourself scored initially by the computer and scored again by our QA team and the client!  You will only have one chance to revise what the client asks you to revise to keep our clients from asking too much of you, and to keep you on task for your next big project!

11. What if I need more time or cannot complete a project?

If you are unable to complete an assignment, you can leave the assignment.  If you leave an assignment immediately, you will not be penalized.  If you let an assignment time-out or come back hours later to unassign yourself, you will get a strike. At this time, we have a three strikes and you’re out policy.  Please be sure to view the public details of each assignment and be sure that you have the time to complete the assignment.

12. Do you have any resources to help get started?

Absolutely. We are constantly working on our vast knowledge base and offer continued education routinely available through training courses on various skills and topics.

13. How much money can I make?

You decide! The more time you put in and the more quality work you put out, you can clean up a decent living by solely working within the Creatives Scale platform. However, most of our team is making supplemental income as a sufficient side-hustle for reliable, part time work.

14. How do I get paid?

Once you’ve provided your payment details during the signup process, you’ll automatically receive regular pay disbursements to your preferred bank account on a regular date or payment threshold automatically.

15. How is this different from other freelance marketplaces?

We emphasize quality and therefore have a strict vetting process that begets the best content writers, marketing specialists, and graphic designers in the industry. By raising the bar high, we’re able to pay you better and offer consistently available work. It also feels good to know we are giving our partners the best service in the world and helping grow their businesses with your contributions. 

16. How do I sign up as a marketing specialist?

We are hard at work building out the testing process to allow marketing specialists to be a part of our system.  To express your interest in being a marketing specialist, please sign up here and you will be notified as soon as testing is available.

17. How do I sign up as a graphic designer?

We are hard at work building out the testing process to allow graphic designers to be a part of our system.  To express your interest in being a graphic designer, please sign up here and you will be notified as soon as testing is available.

18. I am a marketing unicorn. How do I apply for all available positions?

At this time, we are currently hiring all marketing unicorns (aka you can do it all) through traditional hiring methods. Please visit our internal careers page here.

19. I am an influencer with my own blog. How do I sign up as an influencer?

Fantastic!  Go you!  We are currently collecting data from all third-party blogs and influencers that wish to write and publish content on behalf of our network.  To sign up and be considered as a personal blog writer and influencer, please sign up here.

20. I am an agency/business in need of more content. How do I utilize your network of marketers and writer’s marketplace?

We work with a variety of marketing service providers, agencies, and individuals in need of more content. If you are a business interested in expanding your team and scaling online services, we highly recommend working with some of our most trusted online partners.  For more information, please drop by our Business Signup page here.  

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