Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would this be considered filler?

If it includes one of the filler terms, then yes. These include: crucial, essential, vital, important, should always, and ensure. 

If it includes unnecessary adjectives, then yes. This includes things like: very, basically, seriously, and highly.

If it includes unnecessary transitions, then yes. This includes: however, in addition, and for example.

If it includes content that is unnecessary, such as statements that do not add anything to the content or directly relate to the topic, then yes. An example of this is, “A malfunctioning heating system in the winter is terrifying.”

2. Would this be considered irrelevant?

If the text does not directly address the topic, then yes. If the text examples relate to a variety of businesses and aren’t specific to the client, then yes. This includes mentioning certifications/licenses, reading online reviews, getting recommendations from friends and family, and checking warranties.

3. Would this be considered a claim?

If it includes stating a client or product will have concrete or certain results, then yes. This includes promising business success or medical improvement, like “Yoga helps to reduce stress levels in your body.” If the statement has hard data, like statistics and numbers, then yes.

4. Where can I find a source for this claim?

Start by looking for a verified source on the client citation resources sheet. If you still can’t find a good source, copy and paste the claim into google with a .gov, .edu, or another qualifier at the end. This will filter out the promotional results. If the source is unreliable, use the links at the bottom of the webpage to see where they got their information.

5. What clients need to have their tasks sent to Katelynn or an account manager before submission?

Our special clients are California Strawberries, Scalp Micro Pigmentation, and Fair Square Medicare.


California Strawberries: All California Strawberries tasks need to be sent to Katelynn or Megan. Do not submit the task until you hear back from them.


Scalp Micro Pigmentation: All Scalp Micro Pigmentation tasks need to be sent to Katelynn. Do not submit the task until you hear back from her.

Fair Square Medicare: Fair Square Medicare tasks need to be shared as a google doc in this folder: Guest Articles. They can be submitted in Creatives Scale directly after the doc is put into the folder.

6. How should this be formatted in AP style?

We stick to basic AP style formatting for our content, with the exception of the Oxford comma. Make sure to use the Oxford comma when you are creating content. Here are some approved style guides you can use:

7. Should this task get rejected?

Tasks should only be rejected if they are impossible to fix in a reasonable time. If a task needs to have enough content deleted to be 100+ words under the word count, it should be rejected. If a task is plagiarized, it should be rejected. If you are unable to find citations for the necessary claims in a task after 15-20 minutes of searching, it should be rejected. If a task is overly negative towards the client, the reader, or the offered services, it should be rejected.

8. What resources can I use?

You can use any powerpoints from team training, online style guides, Red Canyon Media official documents, or onboarding/training materials. Feel free to reach out to Katelynn or the account manager if you can’t find the answer to your question in the materials.

9. Can I use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT can be a valuable resource. If you need help coming up with content strategy topics or brainstorming ideas for a topic. ChatGPT should not be used to write tasks or create content for you.

10. What should I do if the client sends a task back?

If a task is sent back from the client or editors, you will need to make the requested adjustments. They will often just request minor changes, like a different image. Fixing these tasks should be quick and easy. Sometimes, the client will request a lot of changes. You may need to rewrite an entire task if that’s what the client wants. Make sure to message Katelynn when you are making major changes to content after a revision request.

11. Where can I find the former meeting PowerPoints?

All of our team meeting powerpoints can be found in the Team Training Meeting Powerpoints folder. Each presentation will be added to the folder right after the team meeting ends.

12. Should I only use the client’s website as a source?

You should prioritize using the client’s website as the only source for blogs and onsite articles. However, if you can’t find information on the client’s website, you can use other reputable sources. For guest articles, you can use any reputable sources to verify claims.

13. What should I be concerned about for SEO when creating content?

Writers will need to make sure they write useful content that follows the guidelines and checklists. The checklists have been designed to optimize content for SEO purposes. Writers will also need to make sure they insert the keyword into the text enough in a way that makes sense. Editors will need to make sure that writers have followed the guidelines and include the keyword in a way that makes sense.

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