A Day in the Life on Creatives Scale

As a Creatives Scale team member, our features allow you to check-in at your leisure and find an organized Task List waiting. Our software intuitively checks for work as you go, and allows you to assign yourself tasks. You will receive real-time reminders on how your writing is being scored and in-app marketing tips on how to improve your process. 

In the mood for some brain food? The Creatives Scale platform offers continuous training for advanced skills. Invest in yourself, sign up anytime, and expand your knowledge and expertise. Here are some examples of the projects you could assign yourself.  The choice is yours. Do what you love!

We’re excited to share our market leverage to shine a light on talented freelancers like yourself. Both freelancers and agencies need solutions to scale and our platform is a win-win.

Are you ready to scale your creative career?

step 1

Site Audit

Every new client starts with a website audit. Our team of SEO marketing specialists have plenty of experience in evaluating link audits & reviewing backlink profiles to then deliver a fix-it list to various teams. Auditors begin the work. Once completed, the audit is then delivered to the keyword research team.
step 2

Keyword Research

Each new strategy requires its own keyword research to determine what focus keywords should be used for the current round of content needs. Once finished, the keyword research team then delivers the keyword strategy to the content strategist to create a content strategy.
step 3

Content Strategy

Information from the site audit & keyword research is then delivered to a content strategist to determine the details of the current client roadmap. Once the content strategist completes a content calendar, each item in of the strategy auto-creates a task for writers & marketing specialists to begin their creative work.
step 4

Content Writing & Design

Our team of creatives, designers, & marketing specialists work alongside information provided in each new task by our SEO & content strategist teams to begin writing required content. Creatives assign themselves tasks to complete within a given timeframe. Once the task is complete, the content is then delivered to a QA specialist.
step 5

Editing & QA

Once a new piece of content is delivered, our team of editors & QA specialists run a final check for keyword usage, SEO formatting, voice, and more to determine this topic is ready for client delivery!
step 6

Client Review

The final piece of content is delivered to the client for a one time review. A client may accept the content or ask for a round of edits based on a series of common updates the client may need on the topic.

Start Creating, Now!

Consistent, High-Paying Work

As a Creatives Scale member, you’ll have the privilege of accessing our top-quality jobs lined up and waiting for you.

Curated Assignments

Assign yourself new work from a database of available assignments. The pipeline is always full and there is a variety of industry niches.

Advance Your Skills

Want to learn something new or beef up your skills? When you’re a Creatives Scale member, you’ll gain access to available training programs to boost your creative career.

Your Freelance Marketing Stack

No membership fees, high pay rates, secure and automated payments, and a sleek interface that keeps you efficient and organized. Our unique platform offers everything you need to manage and develop your creative career. 

Some Creatives Scale features include:

  • Assign yourself up to tasks from an available Task List.
  • Receive real-time feedback on your work through our in-app content scoring system.
  • Be reminded of important marketing tips for high-quality work.
  • The system checks your work for you as you go.
  • Sign up for available training to advance skills.
  • Submit tasks for Q&A and client review.
  • Item automatically delivers to clients for feedback.
  • One chance for edits or redos.
  • Get paid automatically.

Are you ready to join the most exclusive group of writers and designers? 

Creatives Scale Features

I’m In! What’s the Catch?

Nada! We are looking for the cream of the crop, the crème de la crème, pick of the litter… you get the idea. Whether you’re a distinguished writer, marketing specialist, graphic artist, or a diamond in the rough, we want your exceptional talents. 

After you pass a series of tests (mostly pain free) and get hired, you’ll go through an Identity Verification process. Fill out some basic account information, and you’ll be on your way to assigning yourself available work.