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To sum up Creatives Scale in 3 words: creative freelance marketplace.

Stop Pitching, Start Writing!

Freelance with us! Whether you’re a nomadic freelancer, gig-economy enthusiasts, or just dabbling in a potential side-hustle, we are at your service!

We are a group of digital marketers, content writers, and graphic artists who love to write and help businesses and agencies grow and succeed. We provide on-going work for marketing specialists, writers, and graphic designers to thrive in a gig-economy fashion.  

Pick Your Pleasure

Here are some examples of the projects you can find. The choice is yours. Do what you love!

Content Strategy

Create a high-level content strategies for each customer based on their budget and their needs. You decide what mix of web copy, blog posts, and guest articles will create the biggest impact for the client.

Keyword Research

Utilize the client's current website, goals, products, services, and more to determine the best list of focus keywords to execute their current marketing strategy.

Site Audits

Utilize our tools to conduct a website audit for clients. Review backlink profiles and current website performance data to create an effective fix-it list for immediate client success.

Blog Posts & Guest Articles

Write content based on the keywords and high-level information provided for each client. Effectively utilize brand voice and provide researched expertise for a variety of topics.

Web Copy & eCommerce Product Descriptions

Write content for website pages, landing pages, and product descriptions as needed by our clients.

...and more!

As we continue to build our system capabilities, we will be adding many more topics here. Don't see what you're looking for? Keep us in mind and visit us often!

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SaaS & Financial Stability for Creatives

Imagine a list of clients and projects that are ready and waiting for a professional like you! Our software makes freelancing easy and organized. 

You will be hard-pressed to find the high-paying, consistent, and quality work that Creatives Scale provides. No pitching or applying for projects, once you’re in the system our main feature allows you to select which assignments interest you. It’s freelance life without the competition against poor quality or the risk of finding new clients.

Strictly Vetted and Rigorously Tested

Our business partners and our creative professionals – writers, marketing specialists, graphic designers – reap the benefits of our vetting gauntlet. Once hired, you’re self-managing and able to work to your heart’s desire. Your database of available projects is automatically updated and fine-tuned to your preferences. It’s freelancing without the risks. 

Even as a master of your craft, we believe in continuous education and the beginner’s mindset. Stay curious and hungry with expert tips, advice, and access to available training opportunities within our platform. Learn something new and add a new service offering to your repertoire.