How To Format Content Writing For SEO

When it comes to content writing, people don’t want to just be sold to. They want to be given a reason to become an advocate of your brand. Your website visitors, social followers, and readers are more likely to do business with brands that are trustworthy and relatable to them. 

To captivate your audience, you’ll want to provide a variety of content to match exactly what they are looking for.   Your content writing should be clear, straight to the point, and captivating to the reader.  Thankfully there’s a format for that.  

These three key things will help you format content writing for both your readers and your SEO efforts. To format for SEO, follow these simple steps:

Use The Inverted Pyramid Style For Optimal SEO Results

Recommended by Yoast SEO, the Inverted Pyramid is a writing style commonly used by journalists. This is where you put your key points in the first paragraph and work to draw the interest of readers. 

One of the most common mistakes writers make is that they leave key points late in their content. Readers today don’t have the time to goose chase the main points in the article. The best content is easily understood by simply scanning the text.  If a reader can derive value from the content by scanning the text, the reader will be compelled to stay on the page and read more in-depth.  This is the job of the content writer.  This is why writers should use this style to get readers to know what you’re about.

Check Text Structure To Format For SEO

Another key aspect of content writing is checking to ensure that your text structure is easy to read. We will use Yoast SEO’s  three steps here to help guide you.:

Make Your Paragraph Structure Clear

To have clear paragraphs, work to form a thematic unit with one core sentence followed by elaborating that sentence. Also, make sure your paragraphs are less than 3-5 sentences long. This is important to know when writing for websites whether it be blog content or Guest Articles. Through each of these steps, continue using the inverted pyramid style and include plenty of white space – short sentences and spacing between paragraphs – to ensure your content is readable and easy to digest. 

Use Transition Words

As used to score posts at Creatives Scale, it is advised that you use transition words to show readers the connection between sentences and paragraphs. Transition words should be the start of a new sentence.  The purpose of transition words is to continue your thought in short, concise sentences without creating long, run-on text.

Transition words are helpful when summarizing, comparing, or concluding points. Examples of this include the word “too” to summarize, “less than” to compare, and “thus” to conclude. No doubt transition keywords help make things clear for you and your readers.  

Use Headings & Subheadings To Help Guide Your Readers

Headings are crucial in helping readers scan through your text while deciding whether to continue reading on. Headings and subheadings need to attract the readers’ attention while describing what the paragraph(s) are about. 

Work to have headings above each paragraph or series of paragraphs with similar topics. Make sure that your structure is smooth and easy to understand.   Good headers explain the topic without further reading needed.  This helps guide the reader into reading information that is necessary for their research. 


Here are some Heading organization best practices to format for SEO:

  • Only the title of the post should be an H1 / Heading 1
  • Each post should have a minimum of three H2 / Heading 2 headers
  • H2 / Heading 2 headers should include keywords where possible and when they can be used naturally
  • H2 / Heading 2 headers should summarize their respective section of text
  • H3 / Heading 3 subheadings should only be nested within an H2 / Heading 2 to keep with the heading hierarchy
  • Headers should never include a link

By following these steps, you’ll improve readability and will give your readers clear knowledge of what you’re all about. This will help your SEO efforts in return as well.

Use Stories To Relate To Your Readers

Perhaps the most important piece in formatting content writing is storytelling

We all love a good story, especially personal experiences that are relatable to others. Whether in blog posts or on product pages, including stories like that will help attract reader interest big time. These kinds of stories help others remember your message more easily and may even inspire them to take action. This is indeed a great way to improve brand recognition and increase organic search traffic by creating more interest in blog posts.

Quality Content Writing That Resonates Is The Key To Success

In conclusion, formatting content writing in ways that are organized, relatable, and to the point will help attract readers’ interest. In return, you will see your SEO efforts improve over time. 

Creatives Scale offers freelance, gig-economy opportunities for online content writing and marketing specialists. To put your SEO content formatting to the test and start a career in SEO Writing, visit our Freelance Signup page to learn more.


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What Is SEO Content & How Does Creatives Scale Support SEO Writing?

Have you asked yourself what it takes to stand out in today’s online world? To answer that, you can with what we like to call SEO Content. You’re probably wondering what SEO Content is and how it compares to other types of writing. In this article, we’ll discuss these topics and what Creatives Scale does to provide you with a strategy for a quality writing experience.

What Is SEO Content?

If you want to rank high in the search engines, you’re going to need SEO Content that stands out. SEO Content is content that is designed to rank in search engines like Google and Bing. Blog posts, product pages, landing pages, and videos can qualify to be known as SEO Content.

How Is SEO Content Different From Other Writing?

Unlike other types of writing, SEO Content is made around a proven SEO framework. You can write the best piece in the world but it won’t rank without a variety of ranking factors. Some of these factors are included below. Ranking in SEO refers to a website’s position in the search engine results page. To succeed with SEO Content, here are some tips to help your content rank:


  1. Know your target audience & their interests.
  2. Do keyword research.
  3. Write an engaging meta title & description.
  4. Make your content visually appealing for great reader experience.

By following these tips, you will have content that will rank while you also attract interest from your audience. Keeping reading to see how Creatives Scale helps do some of the work for you!

What Does Creatives Scale Provide For A Quality Writing Experience?

Creatives Scale provides primary keywords to focus on throughout content and alternate, halo keywords to utilize for a variation of keywords within your topic


Creatives Scale provides a framework for each content writing order. Whether blog posts, guest articles, or web copy, Creatives Scale already provides the strategy for you.  That strategy includes:

  • Suggested Topic
  • Keywords to improve search
  • Client details 
    • Company Name
    • Company URL
    • About Company
    • Business Type
    • Target Audience
    • Do Not Mention – Competitors 
    • and more!

To get started with ensuring that you’re writing the best piece of SEO content, follow these steps:


  1. Write an outline.
  2. Jump into your first draft by writing what you know & doing the research required to fill In any gaps.
  3. Research only from quality websites with statistics posted within the last 12 months.
  4. Link any quotes stats to the original source & ensure that it doesn’t come from a competitor of the client you are writing for (See: Competitors list on each individual order page).
  5. Edit your draft before submitting it.
  6. Upload your post.

For an added perk, we recommend that you download and use Grammarly to help you make your writing top quality.

Quality SEO Content Helps You Grow For The Better

Without a doubt, SEO Content is how you increase your presence toward search engines and your ideal audience. SEO Content helps entice readers to learn more and eventually, take action. Through the framework Creatives Scale provides you with, you’ll successfully develop high-quality SEO content. 

Sign up today and join the most exclusive group of writers and marketing specialists. With Creatives Scale, you’ll have all you need to grow and develop your creative freelance career in one place.


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