Frequently Asked Questions and Training Videos

1. How do I get paid?

After you submit an article:

It is sent to our QA team.

If approved it will then be sent to the client.

If the client approves it then the article will be flagged to be paid.

Every Friday we set the amounts to be paid to each writer.

It takes about 3 business days after that to show up in the writer’s accounts.

2. Why did some content not get paid?

It depends on if the content is sent back for revisions and how active the client is in approving content.

If the client doesn’t approve content within 3 days, we will auto approve so that you will get paid.

The whole process could take just 1 day or a few weeks.

Usually, it is less than 1 week.

3. It is erroring on 'the keyword must be in the first paragraph'?

You are receiving this error, but the keyword is in the first paragraph.

Highlight the first paragraph then at the top of the editor select paragraph.

Sometime when you past content into the editor it doesn’t mark it as a paragraph.

4. What is the star system used for?

The star system is designed to give the writer feedback on the content.

If you consistently fall below 3 stars then you will get less opportunity to claim a task.

Eventually, the system will not allow you to claim any tasks at all.

5. How do I receive a 5 star rating?

If we do not have to revise your content at all, then you will receive a 5-star rating.

We may pay a bonus for 5 star content in the future.

Provide a well-researched and informative useful piece of content as well as no grammatical errors will get you a 5-star rating.

Writers with consistent 5 star ratings will get the opportunity to write longer, higher-paid content.

6. Which Grammar checking software do you use?

Our editors use Grammarly.

7. My Content was rejected because of Filler content. What is this?

A common practice with bloggers is to add filler content that doesn’t contribute to the article.  Our content should be informative and direct.  Here is a video that may help.

Click here for video

8. Writer Relevancy Training Presentation

9. When to use Claims in your Article

10. Keeping content Clean and Clear (5 star tip)




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