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Creatives Scale is a marketing tech SaaS solution delivering a constant flow of projects to gig-economy freelancers.  Whether you’re a work-from-home parent or a freelancing nomad, we see you!  From dedicated content SEO strategists to content writers, we have the people who can plan and execute the product design, development, and processes. Interested in working internally for Creatives Scale? Join our team!

Our Executive Team

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise
and creative style providing a full-service solution to our freelance community and the clients they work for.


Cassandra “Caz” Bevan

Vice President of Product Operations & Marketing

Now Hiring Marketing Unicorns

All marketing unicorns are welcome!  Let’s say you’re good at it all – marketing strategy, content writing, design implementation, and more – this is the ultimate marketplace for you.  The more you can do, the more you can make!  Prove your skills through on-boarding and testing, and get to work – your hours, your way, on your time.

Supplemental income or full-time solution, the choice is yours. What are you waiting for?

SEO Content at Wholesale Pricing

Creatives Scale business partners never have to worry about SEO or plagiarized writing. Our strictly vetted team is trained in SEO best practices. We’re always adding new creatives to our roster and have experts in nearly every industry niche. We offer wholesale contracts to businesses that partner with Creatives Scale. These contracts allow our marketing specialists and content writers to stay busy at a fair price.

Current Job Openings

By providing our clients with the best content, everyone thrives! 

Part Time, Freelance
Content Writer
We are always hiring content writers.  We are looking for a variety of people with a passion for writing.  We want to support your passions and your ability to work from home!

To get started, you must be able to pass a rigorous grammar test to show your working knowledge of the English language.  You will then be given a text writing topic to show that you have a basic, working knowledge of writing with SEO in mind.

Think you have what it takes? Apply now!

Part Time, Freelance
Marketing Specialist
We are looking for some in-house marketing specialists with an intermedia knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Marketing Specialists will be capable of researching and creating a Keyword Strategy for a variety of clients and pull SEO audit reports.  Basic data entry is required.

We are looking for self-starters motivated to get the work done! If you can prove your SEO knowledge, show off your ability to pull reports, organize tasks, and pull it all together into our system, get in touch!

Part Time, Freelance
Content Strategist
Creaitves Scale is looking for a Content Strategist to help manage all writing content we create for our valued clients from online articles and blog posts to social media posts. Responsibilities include tracking website traffic and user engagement. The Content Strategist will also identify gaps in our content in order to generate new blog post topics. The candidate will ensure that our web content is on brand and helps and brings value to existing and potential customers.


  • Educated in Marketing, English, Mass Communication, or relevant field
  • Organized and deadline-oriented
  • Ability To Guide & Motivate Team Members
  • Solid Writing & Editing Skills In English
  • Analytical Skills Are A Must
Part Time, Freelance
Content Editor
Creatives Scale is looking for a Content Editor to help manage and oversee all aspects of the content such as development, design, production, presentation, evaluation, and analysis. The Content Editor will use data and feedback from customers to help evaluate and enhance all types of content. Content Editors work closely with marketers and graphic designers to create an overall positive user experience. 


  • Educated in Marketing, English, Mass Communication, or relevant field
  • Sold Writing & Editing Skills In English
  • Organization Skills & Attention To Detail
  • Communication Skills Are A Must
  • Proficient In Desktop Publishing Software, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs
Part Time, Freelance
Keyword Research Specialist
Creaitves Scale is looking for a Keyword Research Specialist who will perform keyword research in coordination with business objectives to optimize existing content, uncover new opportunities, and reach the right audience. The Keyword Research Specialist will monitor and evaluate search performance, including keyword rank, domain authority, and backlink aggregation. The candidate will provide recommendations and execute strategies for content development in alignment with SEO goals while tracking competitive trends and competitor keywords.



  • Educated in Marketing or related field
  • Basic understanding of keyword research tools like Google Search Console, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Screaming Frog
  • Self-Starter who is deadline-oriented and is attentive to detail.
  • Communication Skills are a must.
  • Knowledgeable and passionate about SEO and Digital Marketing topics
Part Time, Freelance
Content Publisher
Creatives Scale is looking for a Content Publisher who will own the execution of content publishing from campaign concept to completion. The candidate will also implement SEO recommendations as needed and manage content integrity while ensuring that all links remain active and accurate. The Content Publisher will also foster a collaborative work environment and encourage new ideas from the team. The candidate will also be responsible for maintaining process documentation and test scripts of key tasks to ensure continuous improvement and efficiency.


  • Educated in Marketing or related field
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google Docs
  • Strong interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills a must
  • Creative, analytical, and with strong attention to detail and quality assurance mindset
  • Solid understanding of content management practices – planning, execution, rapid publishing, testing/QA, and reporting
Part Time, Freelance
Website Team Member - WordPress Setup & Impelementation

WordPress Expert

Creatives Scale is looking for a WordPress Expert who has a solid understanding of the WordPress core functions. The Expert will design and implement websites for companies using WordPress. The candidate is also responsible for both front-end and back-end development, including the implementation of themes and plugins. They must have the goal in mind to create attractive and user-friendly websites as requested by the clients.


  • Educated in Computer Science or related field
  • Proven work experience in WordPress
  • Solid understanding of website architecture
  • Solid knowledge of front-end technologies 
  • Solid knowledge of WordPress template updates, child themes, and more
  • Basic knowledge of SEO integration for easy site setup that will be effective for SEO
  • Solid communication and project management skills