Best Practices for Passing the Writing Sample Test

Don’t worry if you didn’t pass the writing sample test on your first try. Passing the writing sample test can be tricky. In just 24 hours, you can retake it. But use that time wisely so that you gain a better understanding of the best practices for writing captivating online content. 

Below are some tips to help you knock it out of the park on your rewrite.

Write About What You Know

It is much harder to write convincing copy about a subject on which you know virtually nothing than it is to write about what you already know and understand. If the topic is unfamiliar, take the time to do some basic research on your topic so you can write knowledgeably about it.

Review the Information

On the left side of your Writing Sample Test, there is important information included about the topic request and details about the company. Make sure to work this information into the sample that you write.  Add the information naturally for the best results.

Use an Outline Format

As you write, use an outline format with no fewer than three sections included in the body. This makes your piece look organized and adds clarity. Your copy should never appear cluttered or assembled hastily and out of order.

Use Short Sentences & Scannable Paragraphs

If you want to catch and keep your readers’ attention, short paragraphs comprised of succinct sentences are the way to go. Writing in this style ensures that readers at any level can understand what it is you are writing about.  Readability and scannability of text are big perks of creating captivating text.  If someone can scan your writing and find the answer they are looking for, they will be encouraged to continue reading into the details.

Write Freely

Ideally, writing is something that you enjoy doing. Otherwise, there are other careers that you may want to investigate. So, don’t be afraid to show off your writing chops!

The Checklist Has To Be Complete

Utilize the Checklist beneath the Writing Sample Test.  Every item of the checklist has to be complete in order to pass as SEO Writing.  Once items are complete or included in your writing, the checklist items will turn green. This lets you know that you can submit your writing sample.

Know What Your QA Editor Is Looking For

A small section within this same checklist will explain to you what a QA Editor will be reviewing in your writing.  Use this section as the barometer for whether or not your submission is ready to send.  

Review Your Copy

No matter what you write, never, ever hit the submit button until you have proofread your copy for glaring mistakes and typos. You also want to make sure that it “flows” well, so watch for awkward transitions and other problems that can affect its readability.

We Recommend Using Grammarly 

Even if you think your copy is perfect and there are no mistakes, you still need to download the free Grammarly app and run it through before you submit it. Grammarly can catch mistakes that you never knew that you made.

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All set? Get ready to hit submit and launch the writing career that you have always dreamed of having! Passing the writing sample test is just a hurdle. Now it is time for the race! To get started, sign up for Creatives Scale here.

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